Strong personality, creamy taste. 

Must Cremoso Bar – Roasted Coffee Beans. A strong personality, an unmistakable and creamy taste of the true espresso italiano where sharp notes of the selected african coffee beans are enhanced in a triumph of taste while the complete aroma and the warm embrace of the brazilian coffee beans burst out from its dense and velvety cream.



Must Forever - caffè in grani

Enveloping, round, robust and creamy taste.

Must Forever – Roasted Coffee Beans. An enveloping aroma, round and robust, creamy, scented with a captivating aroma where the sweet and sour notes are set against a rich taste of unsweetened cocoa. Blended flavours that leave a velvety taste in the mouth.



Floral, fruity, full and enveloping flavour.

Must Puro Arabica – Roasted Coffee Beans. Dark chocolate, floral, honey and nutty aromas within a fruity context, typical for freshly picked and just toasted coffee beans. A coffee 100% Arabica that express in its “simple complexity” a full and enveloping flavour that blend with sweetness, delicacy and rich intensity.